Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner (30 April 2022) and here you have been pondering about gift ideas for her. No worries, we have got it covered for you. We have prepared a list of gifts that your mother will love. Here are a few gift ideas for Mother’s Day.


Personalized gifts are indeed the best. A gift with a personal touch will be a wonderful gift for your mother. We here at Volo Nepal will help you print anything and everything on mugs, cushions, t-shirts, bottles et cetera.


2. Gift Box

If you have used our service before, you may know what we do best are gift boxes. We can help you assort a perfect gift box for your mother. Preparing gift boxes has never been easier. Just select the desired items from our portal and checkout. It’s that easy. Sending a gift box to your mother in Nepal will surely be a wise decision.


3. Cake

Do we need to write and explain to you why a cake would be the best gift? Just be a good child and send your mom a cake already!


4. Kurta, Saree and Shawls:

Send your Nakalli mom a beautiful kurta surwal or a shawl or a saree. Don’t worry, we here at Volo Nepal have spent countless hours selecting beautiful kurtas and saree just so that you won’t have to scratch your head while deciding on the gift.

Kurta & Saree Shawls

5. Bags

Before you skip this and move down, just hear us out. We know your mom has a huge collection of bags, everyone’s mom does but that doesn’t mean that you can’t gift her one more. Gift her a bag and it will surely be her favorite bag.


6. Photo Frame

We here at Volo Nepal create one of the finest photo frames. Send a photo frame filled with memories and a personalized message, the distance between you and your mom will feel closer than ever. Gift her something to look at and remember you by! Send a love-filled photo frame to your mom in Nepal.


7. Sweets:

We have an assortment of sweets lined up for you this Mother’s Day. Send her a sweet treat, make her day even sweeter and how can we forget! We have sugar-free sweets options as well.


8. Personal Care

Gift your mom some cosmetics and personal care Goodies. We know she is already beautiful but ‘Soon ma Suganda bhayo bhaney’ it’s even better. We have handpicked cosmetics and personal care products for you to gift your mom this Mother’s Day.


9. Watches

A timepiece for your mom will be one hell of a classy gift. It will be serving as an accessory to her attire and a symbol of the love that she will have with her all the time.


10. Grooming Kits

Why not give your mom something different? Gift your mother a grooming kit, be it a hair straightener or hair dryer. We have a wide range of grooming kits for you to gift.


11. Chocolates

Everyone’s fav Chocolates. Much like cakes, chocolates don’t need reasons to be on this list. Sending her a chocolate pack is always a good idea. Moreover, some studies show that Dark chocolates tend to reduce heart diseases risks. We here at Volo Nepal have varieties of chocolates for you to choose from.


12. Gift Basket

Gifting foods and fruits on Mother’s Day has been an ongoing tradition for years. However, the hassle of going inside a crowded marketplace to buy them is always tiresome. Worry not, we are here to help. Volo Nepal has assorted the finest food items to give your mom this Mother’s Day and order is just so easy. This Mother’s Day, go traditional and gift your mom some nutritional assortments of biscuits, juice, chocolates, and fruits.


13. Dry Fruits Basket

Gift dry fruits, they never go wrong. It’s healthy, and nutritious and everyone can enjoy it. Gift your Mom these healthy fruits and nuts. We have created baskets of dry fruits for you to gift this mother’s day!


14. Spa Vouchers

Your mom has tirelessly taken care of you all these years. She has cared for you in every moment regardless of her health. The shoulder ache, the back pain, and the head ache she suffered through can never be paid back. However, you can ease her pain. Send her a spa voucher this Mother’s Day. Gift her a pamper day. She surely will cherish it.


15. A Bottle of the Finest Liquor

A bottle of Wine or Mellow whisky will be an amazing gift for your mom this Mother’s Day. Just Imagine – She is seating on a couch, sipping a fines glass of wine along with some dry fruits whilst opening her Mother’s Day gift – a gift box full of goodies, a brand-new bag, and a new kurta. Seems wonderful right? So why wait, gift her all the love in this world.


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