Gift Ideas for Raksha Bandhan 2022

Why Celebrate Raksha Bandhan?

Raksha Bandhan originated from a well-known event that was mentioned in the Mahabharata epic. Once, while flying a kite, Lord Krishna accidentally cut one of his fingers on the thread. In order to stop the bleeding, Draupadi tore a piece of her saree and tied it to Krishna’s finger. Krishna was moved by the gesture and vowed to defend her from all harm for the rest of his life.
Hence, Raksha Bandhan, which translates to “the bond of safety,” honors the fortunate brother-sister bond.

On the day of the full moon or Purnima, in the Hindu calendar month of Shravan, the Hindu festival is observed. It is observed this year on August 12, 2022.
As a sign of her unwavering faith in him and her prayers for long life, a sister ties a thread around the wrist of her brother on this day.
In exchange, the brother vows to constantly make her happy and keep her safe from all harm. The celebration honors the relationship between siblings. In the midst of a great celebration, gifts are exchanged.

Thinking of gifting your brother or sister this Raksha Bandhan? Having a hard time deciding what to gift your brother and sister in Nepal. Here are the best gift ideas for Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi.

Gift ideas for Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi

Your Brother and Sister have been through all the best moments of your childhood, you have gotten into numerous fights with them. You have gotten them grounded, punished for your mistakes, and made them cry thousands of times. You guys have been through a lot and the bond between you is immensely strong. Your love for them is unconditional. They have been with you through thick and thin. You have shared the happiness and sadness of life’s moments with each other. This Raksha Bandhan be thankful to have your brother and sister. The distance between you guys may have shaken the bond but will never break it. This Raksha bandana strengthen the bond between your brothers and sister and celebrate the Joyous bond together.
Celebrate it with your brother and sister. Send Rashya Bandhan gift to your brother and sister in Nepal.

Here are a few gift ideas to gift them this Rakhi/ Rakshaya Bandhan.

1. Cakes:

Cakes are unquestionably the highlight of any event. Send cakes for Rakshya Bandhan / Rakhi. It’s one of the most popular gifts for every occasion. They are infallible. For this Rakshya Bandhan, we offer a special collection of delectable cakes that are the best in Kathmandu. Send your sister and brother in Nepal a cake. A delectable cake over the holiday season will undoubtedly be the cherry on top. Send Cakes online to Nepal.


2. Watch

What would make a classy present for your sister and brother? a timepiece! I mean literally the best gift for Rakshya Bandhan. You can choose from a variety of branded timepieces that we provide. Give your siblings a beautiful watch that they may wear all the time. It will remind them of how much you care about them. Be assured our watches come with 1-2 years of warranty.


3. Rakhi

Rakhis are the essentials. Send Rakhi to your brother in Nepal this Rakshya Bandhan. We have a wide range of Rakhi to gift your brother this Rakshya Bandhan.


4. Kurta, Saree and Shawls:

A gift for a sister has always been a hard task. We know! That’s why we have handpicked the best kurta pieces and shawls for you to gift your sister for Rakshya Bandhan. Why should only brothers get gifts right?

Kurta Shawls

5. Bags

Before you skip this and move down, just hear us out. We know your sister has a huge collection of bags, everyone’s sister does but that doesn’t mean that you can’t gift her one more. Gift her a bag and it will surely be her favorite bag.


6. Photo Frame

We here at Volo Nepal create one of the finest photo frames. Send a photo frame filled with memories and a personalized message, the distance between you and your siblings will feel closer than ever. Gift them something to look at and remember you by! Send a love-filled photo frame in Nepal.


7. Sweets:

For this Rakshya Bandhan, we have a variety of treats prepared for you. Make your sibling’s day even sweeter by sending them a tasty surprise, and don’t forget! Send some laddu, some barfis,gulab jammu, rasbari to your family in Nepal.


8. Casual Wear

Gift your clothing fond brother and sister some causal wear for Rakshya Bandhan. We have lined up a range of casual wear so that you can gift your brother and sister what they love. Send as Raksha Bandhan gifts to Nepal.


9. Football Combo

This may not be applicable for sister or maybe, but this is for all the football crazies out there who have fought with you over the Tv remote to watch a football game while you are watching your favorite show. Gift them what they love a perfect gift for Rakshya Bandhan.


10. Grooming Kits

Grooming supplies are now considered a need for everyone. Your brother and sister will have a better day because they can use these kits each morning with ease and comfort. Bring out their inner Beautiful. We provide a variety of grooming kits, including both conventional razors, shaving kits, and high-tech shaving devices, hair straighteners, hair dryers, and many more. Send an online gift for Rakshya Bandhan with Volo Nepal. We assure you that the products are 100% genuine. Your brother and sister deserve the best.


11. Chocolates

Everyone’s fav Chocolates. Much like cakes, chocolates don’t need reasons to be on this list. Sending your siblings a chocolate pack is always a good idea. Moreover, some studies show that Dark chocolates tend to reduce heart diseases risks. We here at Volo Nepal have varieties of chocolates for you to choose from.


12. Food Basket

Send some munchies along with some chocolates to your brother and sister in Nepal. These food baskets never go wrong. Volo Nepal has assorted the finest food items to give your brother and sister and order is just so easy. This Rakshya Bandhan gift your siblings some nutritional assortments of biscuits, juice, chocolates, and fruits..


13. Dry Fruits Basket

Gift dry fruits, they never go wrong. It’s healthy, and nutritious and everyone can enjoy it. Gift your Mom these healthy fruits and nuts. We have created baskets of dry fruits for you to gift this mother’s day!


14. Spa Vouchers

It’s time to pay back! The physical torture in those fight you have given your siblings have been reimbursed. Ease their pain. Send them a spa voucher Rakshya Bandhan. Gift a relaxing day. They surely will cherish it.


15. A Bottle of the Finest Liquor

It would also be a wonderful idea to give them a bottle of the best liquor; after all, who wouldn’t like a great glass of Moscato or a well-aged peg of whisky? You know what, just give them a call, order a bottle of wine, and enjoy some quality time together and gossip! It is, after all, what is most important.
Yes, we have a brand-new present idea for you to give your loved ones named “Mini bar in a jar.” Do take a look.


16. Accessories, bags, and wallets

Accessories, bags, and wallets finish off outfits. The finishing touch to the outfit is provided by the accessories. This Rakshya Bandhan, why not give your siblings the best wallets, bags, and accessories? We have an assortment of Bags, wallets, purses, belts, ties, cufflinks, and a few pairs of socks that would be a perfect gift for your siblings. Indeed, one of the best gifts for Rakshya Bandhan.


17. Perfumes

Perfumes are a very thoughtful gift for all occasions. Gift some fragrant perfume to your brother and sister for Rakshya Bandhan/ Rakhi. This gift never goes wrong.


18. Personalized Gifts

The best gifts are those that can be customized. For your siblings, a gift with a special touch will be ideal. At Volo Nepal, we can assist you with printing anything and everything on items like mugs, cushions, t-shirts, bottles, etc. Gift a personalized gift with your touch this Rakshya Bandhan. Send online gifts fast delivery in Nepal.


19. Gift Bundles

Surprise your brother with our handpicked gift bundle/gift combo. Send a bundle of joy to Nepal, we have curated a perfect gift bundle for your ease and are sure that your brother and sister will love your gifts.


20. Gift Box

You can choose a readymade box or Tailor your gift box for your loved ones. Choose the desired items that you would like to gift him/her and we will tailor it and create a beautiful gift box for you to gift them. We have various kinds of boxes for you to gift your loved ones. This year we have come up with a premium gift box for Rakshya Bandhan that will comprise various gifts perfect for your siblings. Surprise them with the best gift box in Nepal.


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