Gift ideas for Valentine’s Day 2022

In ancient Rome. Emperor Claudius II assumed that single men made better soldiers than those who had a wife and a family to care for. In order to produce a strong army, the king outlawed marriage for young men.

Saint Valentine, realizing the injustice of the decree, disobeyed the law and continued to perform marriages for young lovers in secret. However, when King Claudius came to know about this act, he ordered Valentine to be sentenced to death. St. Valentine was put to death on 14 February for the selfless act of love. People commemorated his martyrdom by celebrating their love on this day.

The culture of celebrating Valentine’s Day may have started from western society but its joy and euphoria have lured lovers from all over the world.
This season of love, make your dear ones feel loved. Send Valentine’s Day gifts to your loved ones in Nepal. The distance has hardly been an issue for your love, why should it be a problem to send a gift to your loved ones this valentine’s day.

Scratching your head and pondering about what to gift him or her? Here are our top ten picks to gift your loved ones this valentine’s day.

Before we get into gift ideas for valentine’s day here is a list of days of valentines:

Date       Valentine Week List
7th Feb- Rose Day

8th Feb- Propose Day

9th Feb- Chocolates Day

10th Feb – Teddy Day

11th Feb – Promise Day

12th Feb – Hug Day

13th Feb – Kiss Day

14th Feb – Valentine Day

1. Gift Box:

You can choose a readymade box or Tailor your gift box for your loved ones. Choose the desired items that you would like to gift him/her and we will tailor it and create a beautiful gift box for you to gift them. We have various kinds of boxes for you to gift your loved ones. This year we have come up with a premium gift box for valentine’s day that will comprise of various gifts each representing the aforementioned days of Valentine. 


2. Kisses in jar and chocolates

Your loved one misses you, misses your romantic kisses. It’s always hard to be far away from your loved ones, right? Why not give them a jar filled with kisses and love for when you are not around. Or You can always gift them loads of chocolates and sprinkle some sweetness to their life. We have assorted finest chocolates for you to gift them for valentine’s day. You can personalize our gourmet chocolates as per your desire as well.


3. Teddy

The best feeling for your loved ones would be your hug. That’s a bit hard for now. Why not gift them something warm and fussy to hug until then? Gift them a Huge teddy this valentines’ day. Don’t know about boys but I am sure girls are crazy for those giant fluffy bears. Like I said before, they find comfort in hugging them. Keeping this in mind we have aligned various sizes of the finest teddy for you to gift your loved ones.


4. Flowers and succulent plants:

Nothing is as romantic as giving your loved one flowers or a bouquet. Gifting them a bunch of beautiful flowers would indeed brighten their day. We have various types of flowers for you to gift them. We have Roses, Lilies, Gerbera, Carnation, orchids, and many more, or we have an assortment of the succulent plant for you to gift them. Gift them a life to nurture. Some of these succulents seem to bring luck and prosperity to their caretaker. That’s a wonderful reason to gift these plants ni haina?

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5. Copper Mug and Bottles

Amidst this pandemic, the perfect gift would be something healthy. Something to improve their lifestyle. Keeping this in mind we bring you the handmade copper mugs and bottles that are scientifically proven to purify and kill bacteria of the water and also help in maintaining the body’s ph. Isn’t that just delightful? Gift them something healthy.


6. Cakes and cupcakes

As always, cakes and cupcakes are always on our lists. They make a perfect gift for every occasion. We have lined up cakes and cupcakes from one of the finest bakeries for you to gift your loved ones this valentine’s day. Gift them those cute and delicious cupcakes this valentine’s day.


7. Selfcare cosmetics, grooming kits, and perfume:

Self-love is wonderful. Everybody needs to love themselves for growth and wellbeing. This Valentine’s day gift them some self-care and grooming kit items like creams, cosmetics, beard trimmer, hair iron, hairdryer, and fragrant perfumes, etc. This would indeed be a very thoughtful gift for them.


8. Bags, purse, and wallets

Bags, purses, and wallets, we have it all. We have lined up the best of the best wallets from Wildhorn and Thyp and leather for you to gift them this valentine’s day. This would be something special, something for them to carry everywhere, a reminder of your love for them.


9. Customized gifts

Many of us can’t be with our loved ones right now and it hurts. The gifts you send to them will miss something – you. The best way to make them feel your love and effort is by giving them something personalized – a personal message, a photo, or anything that will make them feel as if you are with them right then and there. This year, go beyond basic gift-giving and opt for something unique and personalized gifts instead. We have selections of personalized gift items like personalized Cushion, Mugs, Water bottles, t-shirts, etc. that you can surprise your loved ones with.



Do you know what will be a classy gift for your loved ones? – a Watch!
We have a selection of branded watches for you to choose from. Give your loved ones a classy timepiece that they will have with them all the time. It will serve as a reminder of your love for them. 


11. Chocolates

Send a time machine to your loved ones for valentine’s day. Let them, relive those memories with you and cherish them – frame them so that they last the eternity like your love for each other.
Our finest frames are beautifully strong with a see-through glass body. The best thing about this frame is your personalized message written in pinewood to add a personal touch to your gift. Nothing gets chicer than this.



12. A bottle of the finest liquor

Gifting them a bottle of the finest liquor would also be a good idea after all who wouldn’t want a fine glass of Moscato or a well-aged peg of whisky. You know what, you can just call them, you both can pour a glass of wine and spend some quality time with each other. After all, it’s what matters the most.
Yeah and we have come up with a new gift idea called ‘Mini bar in jar’ for you to gift your loved ones. Do check it out.


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