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Gift ideas for Bhai Tika

Gift Ideas and Options for Bhai Tika – 27th Oct 2022 (10th Kartik 2022)-The easiest way to send Bhai tika gift to Nepal.

The smell of flowers filled the air with a subtle hint of firecrackers those mischievous kids burnt, the Lights, the Deusi Bhailo performances, all those sweets, and the fun-filled precious time with friends and family are right at our doorsteps. We here at Volo Nepal understand the value of these moments. With a motive to bring you closer to your family, Volo Nepal has handpicked a few gift options for this Tihar that you can gift your loved ones in Nepal. Send Bhai tika gift to Nepal.

Our selection of gifts comprises the culture and value of Tihar along with the bundle of your love. Send online bhai tika gifts to Nepal. We have home delivery all over Nepal. Here are the best gift ideas for Bhai Tika and Tihar:

1. Bhai Tika Essentials/Sayapatriful Mala, Saptarangi Tika, Dhaka Topi, Makhmaliful Mala

This pack is essential for the occasion of Bhai tika. It comprises a Dhaka Topi, Sayapatri Fulko Mala (marigold garland), Makhmali Fulko Mala (globe amaranth garland), and Sapta Rangi Tika (seven colors tika). Send Sayapatri ful ko mala to your brother in Nepal. Celebrate bhai tika in a traditional way.


2. Mandap

For those who perform bhai tika rituals using Mandap/mandala, this will be a perfect gift. The Mandap is made up of Brass and consist of all the religious values. It can be used as a mandap as well as a showpiece afterward. It is an elegant way of celebrating the joyous moments with your brother and sister. Send Mandap to Nepal.


3. Dry Fruits/Bhai Masala

One of the most important items in the ritual of Bhai tika is the Dry Fruits Masala pack / Bhai Masala. Enriched with all nutritious dry fruits and nuts, it signifies a sister’s concern for her brother’s good health. It is a wonderful tradition and indeed a healthy gift. Gift bhai masala for bhai tika or a basket of healthy dry fruits to your brother for bhai tika.


4. Gift Bundles

Surprise your brother with our handpicked gift bundle/gift combo. Send a gift combo to Nepal, we have curated a perfect gift bundle for your ease and are sure that your brother will love your gifts. We have made it easier for you to send bhai tika gifts to Nepal online.


5. Mini Bar in a Jar

Searching for a perfectly personalized gift to give your brother this Bhai tika? Look no further, Volo Nepal exclusively presents you the ‘Mini bar in a jar’ which consists of 9 mini liquor bottles, a pack of snacks, and a personalized jar with your brother’s name, age, and short personalized message. Isn’t it wonderful? A unique gift for brother’s Day indeed.


6. Perfumes

Perfumes are a very thoughtful gift for all occasions. Gift perfume to your Siblings for Bhai tika.


7. Gift Box for your Brothers and Sisters

 This is our new initiative to make your gifting decision a whole lot easier. All you need to do is select the box type and the gift items you want in it and simply check out and voila! Your gift will be delivered to your loved ones right when you want it. We have a wide range of options that can be included in the gift box, from Flowerpots to scarfs or customizable mugs to apparel and accessories, we have it all. A perfect gift box for bhai tika for brothers and sisters in Nepal.


8. Food basket

Food basket is as well one of our newer approaches to making gifting easier. Food is considered as ‘Sagun’ in rituals of Bhai Tika. They are the essentials. We here at Volo Nepal have assorted various food items that would be perfect as gifts for Bhai tika. It’s quite simple, just select only the items that you want and we will bundle them, beautify them, and deliver them to your brothers and sister. A food basket for Bhai tika will indeed be a wholesome gift to gift. Gift food basket to your brother and sister in Nepal for bhai tika.


9. Cakes

Cakes are certainly the best part of every celebration. Cakes are also one of the most loved gifts for any occasion. They never go wrong. We have exclusive selections of delicious cakes (best in Kathmandu) for this Bhai Tika. Send a cake to your brother and sister here in Nepal. A delicious cake during the festive moment sure will be a Cherry on top. Send bhai tika Cakes to Nepal. Browse through our finest cakes for bhai tika.


10. Sweets

A Tihar without sweets is like a birthday without a cake. To be honest, it is the sweets that excite us the most about Tihar. Why not this Tihar, gift your family a whole lot of sweets. Lighten their Tihar. Life is better with sweets. We have premium quality sweets that will surely make their holiday even sweeter. We have assorted the best quality mithai for bhai tika. Send sweets online to your brother for bhai tika in Nepal.


11. An Elegant Photo Frame with a Personalized Message

Those horrendous fights with siblings and the mischievous pranks you guys pulled on one another or together will always be one of the best memories. The places you have been with them and the memories you have made along the way are always prized. Cherish those memories – frame them so that they last eternity. Also, it sometimes serves as a reminder to your siblings that no matter how far you are from them you will always be the best child of your parents.
Our finest frames are beautifully strong with a see-through glass body. The best thing about this frame is your personalized message written in pinewood to add a personal touch to your gift. It’s perfect.


12. Kurta, Saree, and Shawls

A gift for a sister has always been a hard task. We know! That’s why we have handpicked the best kurta pieces and shawls for you to gift your sister for Bhai tika. Why should only brothers get gifts right? Send a kurta to your sister in Nepal for Tihar and bhai tika.


13. Bags

Before you skip this and move down, just hear us out. We know your sister has a huge collection of bags, everyone’s sister does but that doesn’t mean that you can’t gift her one more. Gift her a bag and it will surely be her favorite bag.


14. Personalized Gifts for your brothers and sisters

Many of us can’t be with our brothers and sisters right now and it sucks. The gifts you send to them will miss something – you.
Gifting them something personalized – a personal message, a photo or anything will surely make them feel your love and effort. Make them feel that you are with them right then and there. This Bhai tika, go beyond basic gift-giving and opt for something unique and personalized gifts instead. We have selections of personalized gift items like personalized Cushions, Mugs, Water bottles, t-shirts, etc. that you can surprise your father with. Design your mug for bhai tika.


15. Watches

Do you know what a classy gift for your brother and sister will be? – a watch! We have a selection of branded watches for you to choose from. Give your siblings a fine timepiece that they will have with them all the time. It will serve as a reminder of your love for them. Gift a watch to your brothers and sister for bhai tika in Nepal..


16. Grooming Kits

This one is only for your brother – Grooming for men is all about hair and beard. Grooming kits have started being essential for every man. The ease and comfort of using these kits every morning will make your brother’s day better. Bring out the gentleman in him. We have a selection of grooming kits, be it a traditional razor shaving kit or a high-tech shaving machine, we have it all. A perfect gift for your brother for bhai tika?


17. Spa Vouchers

It’s time to pay back! The physical torture in those fight you have given your siblings have to be reimbursed. Ease their pain. Send them a spa voucher as a Bhai tika Gift for a relaxing day. They surely will cherish it.


18. Wallets, ties, and accessories

Accessories complete outfits. It’s the accessories that add a cherry on top of the attire. Why not gift your siblings the finest of apparel and accessories this Tihar/Bhai Tika? We have an assortment of wallets, purses, belts, ties, cufflinks, and brooches that would be a perfect gift for your siblings. Gift wallets to brother for Bhai tika.


19. Dry Fruits, some Namkeens with a bottle of finest whisky or wine

You may not realize it but your little brothers and sisters have grown -* conditions apply. If they are of the drinking age, just be a cool brother/sister and send them a bottle of fine liquor with some nutritious dry fruits and titbits to enjoy it with. We can’t assure you about other gifts but this one will surely earn you a best brother/sister hashtag and maybe a dedicated post with all your GOON GAANS. Gift drinks for bhai tika and celebrates the joyous moment together.


20. Something healthy – A Fruits Basket

This Bhai tika gift a fruit basket to your brother. Gift him something healthy. Our fruit basket is filled with a variety of seasonal fruits that are abundant in natural vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, among other nutrients that the body needs for good health. Fruit can also help with weight control, boost energy, help the body absorb vitamin C, and slow the effects of aging. Our seasonal fresh fruit basket is a unique item made for all kinds of celebrations.


21. Bean Bags

Your brother sure will be excited to sit on it and watch his match or play his games. Your sister would love to read a book, work, or binge-watch Friends sitting on it. Honestly, a Bean bag as a gift is ideal for any and every occasion. Everyone loves the comfort of it. It adds a lively ambiance to the living space. This Bhai Tika spoils them. We have various shapes and sizes of these bean bags on our website for you to choose from. Who would have thought that a bean bag would be a perfect gift for your brother for bhai tika?


22. Football Combo – jersey sets

This may or may not be applicable to sister, but this is for all the football crazies out there who have fought with you over the TV remote to watch a football game while you are watching your favorite show. Gift them what they love a perfect gift for Bhai tika. And by the way, the world cup is just right around the corner.